Posted on 29 January 2024 in News

2024 Global VC Investment Trends: Human Sustainability and A More Human-Centric Future




The world is facing rapid changes in technology, and it appears that 2024 will be a year that excites many investors as investment trends take an unprecedented turn in the global venture capital (VC) landscape. However, two significant factors stand out in this transformation: Human sustainability and Artificial Intelligence.



Human Sustainability: The New Focus of VC World


Human sustainability is gaining more emphasis in the VC world. It’s now understood that investments should not only be profit-driven but also consider their social and environmental impact. Social responsibility projects and eco-friendly initiatives are taking center stage in VC portfolios. Human sustainability plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to grow in harmony with society and the environment.


A More Human-Centric Future with AI


Artificial Intelligence has become a technology that profoundly changes the business world and our lifestyles. However, in 2024, a noticeable shift is happening: AI is no longer just a data processing tool; it’s becoming an assistant that can interact with humans more closely, understand their needs, and engage in more human-like interactions. This revolutionizes various fields, from customer service to the healthcare sector, and influences the focus of VC investments.


VC’s Role in Shaping the Future


2024 seems to herald a significant change in the VC world. Human sustainability and AI’s move towards more human-centric interactions are reshaping investment strategies. VC firms are now aiming not only for financial returns but also to contribute value to society and the environment. This has the potential to bring about positive changes in both the business world and society.

2024 is signaling an exciting transformation in VC investment trends. Human sustainability and AI’s more human-centric approach are shaping investors’ strategies for the future. VC firms are now exploring new ways of doing business, taking into account not only financial returns but also their social and environmental impact.

This shift contributes to the construction of a more human-centric future and encourages the VC world to operate with a broader vision. When investing in the future, it’s essential to consider both human sustainability and AI’s human-centeredness. This is not just a path to success in the business world but also a way to make a meaningful contribution to society and the world at large.