Criteria Set

Criteria Set

Investment Criteria

We actively seek collaboration with the most exceptional and innovative minds, often well before widespread recognition. Whether your concept is still a notion in your mind’s eye or boasts a thriving customer base, we’re eager to delve into your vision.

Our investment spectrum spans from pre-seed rounds to Series A, encompassing different ranges of funding.

Additionally, we adopt a thematic investment approach, meticulously examining market trends and anticipating transformative shifts projected across the next ten years. Our focus lies in championing enterprise within the realms of Cloud computing, AI/ML, Blockchain, and the Cyber Security industries.

Investment Process

The meetings commence with an introductory call during which the entrepreneur(s) present the pitch deck, business plan, and financial projections. These sessions delve into the start-up’s future vision, objectives, as well as technical and financial milestones.

Following a thorough evaluation and a favorable assessment by the investment committee, a term sheet is executed, marking the beginning of the legal and financial due diligence procedures. Upon , successful completion of the due diligence process, the shareholders agreement is finalized and signed.