Posted on 14 December 2023 in News

ITU Çekirdek Big Bang Startup Challenge: A Celebration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship



The ITU Çekirdek Big Bang Startup Challenge kicked off with incredible enthusiasm, where stakeholders from across the ecosystem came together, showcasing amazing presentations and engaging in fruitful discussions on its first day. This event, where the future’s entrepreneurs gather, epitomized the pinnacle of innovation and creativity.


ITU Çekirdek, renowned globally as a prestigious incubation center, supporting over 500 startups annually and organizing comprehensive events, continues to make waves in the industry. We express our gratitude to the dedicated teams at ITU Arı Teknokent and ITU Çekirdek for their visionary efforts in strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.


As ENA Venture Capital, we had the privilege of witnessing numerous innovative ideas during this event. We were particularly drawn to the potential of ventures operating in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Arts. Our confidence and support for entrepreneurs in these domains are unwavering. We extend our best wishes and good fortune to all the entrepreneurs on this exhilarating journey. We eagerly await the success of these remarkable projects that will shape the future of technology.


This event might just be a starting point. We believe that events like these, spearheaded by ITU Çekirdek, are crucial steps towards increasing support and interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. We look forward to coming together in many more events in the future and supporting these valuable projects.



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