Posted on 19 December 2023 in News

ENA Venture Capital Spearheads Innovation in Turkish Tech Startups: Supporting Utilify and V-Risetech in Revolutionizing Blockchain and AI




In the realm of burgeoning technological advancements, ENA Venture Capital (ENA VC) has proudly announced its foray into the Turkish startup landscape, extending substantial investments to two cutting-edge ventures, Utilify and V-Risetech. These investments mark a pivotal moment in fostering innovation and reshaping industries through blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


Utilify: Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs with Blockchain and NFTs


ENA VC’s inaugural investment in Utilify signifies a strategic step towards revolutionizing loyalty programs through the implementation of blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With a visionary approach, Utilify is set to redefine customer engagement by transforming interactions into digital memories. Their pioneering work addresses the limitations of traditional loyalty programs, offering a novel solution in today’s dynamic landscape.

Chosen from a pool of 200 startups in the Web3 Incubation Program, Utilify emerged as the sole Turkish venture, showcasing its prowess in the blockchain sphere. Collaborations with over 150 prominent brands, including Turkish Airlines, SONY, and renowned sports clubs, underscore the company’s rapid trajectory towards success.

ENA VC’s alignment with Utilify’s mission resonates with its dedication to investing in forward-thinking ideas that shape the technological infrastructure of tomorrow. This strategic partnership is poised to fuel Utilify’s journey in redefining loyalty programs globally.


V-Risetech: Redefining Video Content Creation with AI-Powered Solutions


ENA VC’s second investment in V-Risetech solidifies its commitment to pioneering advancements at the intersection of AI and digital content creation. V-Risetech’s flagship product, SynthMind, embodies the fusion of AI modules and motion capture data to revolutionize video content production in decentralized virtual studios, eliminating labor costs while enhancing efficiency.

The SynthAssist infrastructure further amplifies V-Risetech’s impact by personalizing digital avatars, facilitating communication across multiple languages, and integrating OpenAI’s developed personal assistant to enrich visual communication.

SynthSpace, another innovative offering by V-Risetech, empowers users to effortlessly construct 3D virtual showrooms and stores, optimizing product costs and delivering immersive, real-time experiences to customers.

ENA VC’s investment in V-Risetech, valued at 60.000.000 TL during the ENA ITU Big Bang Startup Challenge, underscores its belief in the boundless potential of advanced technology and creativity. This partnership signifies a shared vision of charting new territories in the realm of AI-powered content creation.


Embarking on a Technological Journey


ENA Venture Capital’s strategic investments in Utilify and V-Risetech exemplify its commitment to fostering innovation in Turkish startups. These partnerships symbolize the fusion of pioneering ideas, advanced technologies, and entrepreneurial spirit, poised to redefine industries and propel Turkey’s position in the global tech landscape.

As these ventures continue their journey of innovation, ENA VC stands as a beacon of support, driving the advancement of blockchain and AI technologies while revolutionizing traditional paradigms across various sectors. The collaborative synergy between ENA VC, Utilify, and V-Risetech foreshadows a future brimming with transformative technological breakthroughs and boundless creativity.